If you search for information about surrogacy, whether in the daily news or research articles, you mainly find the perspective of the surrogate mothers, egg donors, surrogacy agencies, and “intended” parents. What about the kids born through surrogacy? As a child born through traditional surrogacy, this missing perspective led me to start this site in hopes that we can start a wider dialogue that includes everyone who is involved in this process.

The president of the surrogacy agency my parents’ used said to me once, “Surrogacy starts as a part of your parents’ story but, when you are born, the story becomes yours.” My hope is that this site becomes a safe place where the story of surrogacy can continue in the form of those whose story it now is.

I imagine myself at 12 years old searching on the internet trying to find people like me. I imagine what a relief it would be to find a small spot on the internet like this. This is for you, 12 year old Anne.

-Anne McCarthy

Photo by David Kennedy on Unsplash