You can never have too many people who love you


“You fight your battles in the world, but you close your door and there’s comfort,” she said. “Now there was no door to close. I wanted to meet another family with a dwarf child, and I wanted to meet a happy adult. I kept in constant motion until I found them. Then I began to breathe again.” Excerpt from Far From The Tree by Andrew Solomon

I’m a surrogate baby. To be specific, a traditional surrogate baby meaning that my birthmom is my genetic mother. I’ve never met another surrogate who knew that they were surrogate babies. I have, on one occasion, met someone who I was told was a surrogate but didn’t know. Having spoken with a variety of adopted people turned friends, I realized there’s a lot in common between the two but… it’s different. Reading this quote made me realize that I should write about this more because…

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